Month: May 2015

The End of the CDM Coordinator??

With just weeks since the implementation of 2015 CDM, implications of the new regulations are already becoming apparent. Whilst the regulations saw the new role of “Principal Designer” or PD take replace the old role of CDM Coordinator (CDM-C), is this really the end of CDM Coordinators? No appears to be the general opinion of […]

Health & Safety Regulation Update

In June 2010, the Prime Minister asked Lord Young of Graffham to “investigate … the rise of the compensation culture over the last decade coupled with the current low standing that health and safety legislation now enjoys and … suggest solutions”. In October 2010, Lord Young made his recommendations on legislation, its enforcement, the role […]

New ACAS Code of Practice Published

ACAS have published a revised Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. The only revisions to the code relate to the choice of a companion at a disciplinary or grievance hearing. The requirement for the choice of companion be ‘reasonable’ has been removed. An employee has an absolute right to be accompanied by any […]


A recent High Court finding in Easton v B&Q plc, found that the employer is not liable for psychiatric illness caused by occupational stress unless the injury was ‘reasonably foreseeable’ by the employer. The Judge said that an employee who returns to work after a period of sickness without requesting any adjustments is usually implying […]