Education Health and Safety Myths

Health and safety laws and regulations are sometimes presented as a reason why certain play and leisure activities, undertaken by children and young people, should be discouraged. Such decisions are often based on misunderstandings about what the law requires. The HSE has worked with the Play Safety Forum to produce a joint high-level statement that gives clear messages tackling these misunderstandings.

A sensible approach should be taken when addressing risks within the educational setting, not just for play but other activities too, with a balance between managing the risks whilst still enabling learning and play activities to continue. Indeed, exposure to well managed residual risks can be a learning tool in itself, enabling students to develop a better understanding.

Sometimes health and safety is quoted as a means to stop something or do something. The HSE provide a service that allows individuals to challenge advice or decisions made in the name of health and safety that you believe is disproportionate or legally inaccurate. The site can be found at the following web address: