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Meet some of the staff. People are what makes a business a success and we are pleased to employ some of the finest people in the industry. All our staff are committed to making your experience of working with us as beneficial as possible. Click on the tabs below to read a little more about who people are and what they do.

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  • Jessica
  • Simon
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Scott Butters MSc CMIOSH FRSPH Dip2.OSH

Managing Director

Hi I’m Scott, I have been with Cope Safety Management since 1999, and became a Director in 2006.  I am a Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, so it is no surprise my interest is in finding ways to prevent or control how your work affects your safety, health and well-being.  I spend much of my time helping to run and market our business, but also ensure I am on hand to provide advice, guidance and support to our team as well as our clients.  I began my career as an Environmental Health Technician in the RAF, where I also met my partner.
  • For a hobby I enjoy walking and taking photographs of aircraft, landscapes or my kids.  It is much easier to photograph the first two, the kids are never still for long enough.
  • My favourite car is my 1969 Triumph GT6 Mk1.  She still has her looks and I cannot help but smile when revving that straight 6.
  • My favourite animal is our cat, Pheobe.  She has each of us in the house perfectly trained to suit her needs.
  • My favourite holiday destination is Cyprus for its gorgeous weather, sun kissed beaches, interesting history, friendly people, sheftalia and KEO.  What more do you need?
  • My most embarrassing moment was waking up and remembering I had chosen our wedding reception to perform the Full Monty.  Thankfully, for all concerned, this was long before smartphones.
  • When I was at school I wanted to be a fast jet pilot (I still do!).  Sadly, it was never meant to be.  Health and safety was the next best thing.

Emma Haughton


Hi, I’m Emma, I joined Cope Safety Management in 2011 as an Administrator. I was given the opportunity to move to the accounts team and became a Director in 2014.  I enjoy most watersports, I have grown up with jet skis and wakeboarding, my husband has now started to have a particular interest in surfboarding, so all my holidays are booked around this.  I have a lovely little girl who keeps me on my toes, especially in the morning when I am trying to get to work, I am often the laugh of the office when I discover her breakfast on my shoulder or toothpaste on the bottom of my skirt!
  • My favourite animal is an elephant, but according to my partner these do not make good pets, so I have settled for a cat.
  • My favourite holiday destination is Cornwall, we go every year. I would love to go the Caribbean, but it will be a long time before I want to take my daughter on a long flight.
  • My favourite car is our VW T5. My partner converted it into a camper so we enjoy just going away for the weekend or taking it on amazing adventures to places like Lake Garda, Italy.

Richard Andison BSc(Hons) LFOH

Health and Safety Advisor/Trainer

Hi I’m Richard, I joined Cope Safety Management in 2014 having spent 24 years in the RAF as an Environmental Health Technician.  I travelled the world, providing advice on subjects ranging from pest control to Occupational Health, and all subjects in between.  I have over the years specialised in Occupational Hygiene most notably the monitoring of dusts, chemicals, noise and inspecting/testing local exhaust ventilation.  I have an Environmental Health Degree and am fully qualified as an Occupational Hygienist.  I spent two years working with a Local Authority as an Enforcement Officer, something I enjoyed!
  • For a hobby I enjoy getting frustrated on a golf course or shouting at 11 players in red and white football strips (Sunderland AFC) getting frustrated.
  • When I was at school I wanted to be a fighter pilot, sadly I’m as blind as a bat.
  • My favourite car is anything that works. My history of purchasing cars has been very poor!

Jessica Grove

Health and Safety Advisor/Trainer

Hi I’m Jess and I joined Cope Safety Management in July 2019. My interest in Health and Safety started a few years ago whilst working for the NHS in HR and taking on health and safety responsibilities. I started my NEBOSH Certificate and worked for a company that bred insects for reptile consumption and quarantined reptiles from abroad coming into the UK. This was a very diverse job role and quite a unique one.
  • For a hobby I enjoy riding horses. Having spent my early career as a professional dressage rider this is still something I love but taking a more relaxed approach.
  • My favourite car is a Toyota Hilux or VW Amarok. It’s not about speed but where you can get to!
  • My favourite animal is my Jack Russell “Rambo” (he is a Wolf trapped inside a small dogs body). Also my Pony Millie who I rescued a few years ago.
  • My favourite holiday destination has… been canoeing the River Wye for 4 days and camping. But I do enjoy beach and skiing holidays too.

Simon CrossBSc(Hons) CMIOSH Dip2.OSH

Health and Safety Advisor/Trainer

Hi, I’m Simon.  I joined Cope Safety Management in July 2019 having spent 31 years in the Royal Air Force as an Environmental Health Practitioner and 2.5 years as a Health and Safety Officer with a food manufacturer/supplier.  A chartered member of IOSH with a wide range of skills and experience, I like the challenge of problem solving based on various limitations and resources available.  I am also interested in human behaviour, particularly in relation to its application within health and safety.
  • My favourite hobby is that I am a keen charity supporter and fundraiser.  I’ve been a volunteer with the Make-a-Wish Foundation UK charity for 10 years undertaking a variety of roles and also CLIC Sargent charity for about 5 years. Also undertaken many fundraising challenges over the years, usually involving running   (although I don’t really consider myself a ‘runner’!!).  Biggest challenges so far, completing 1000km on a treadmill, rowing machine and bike over a 4 month period whilst serving in Afghanistan and completing 13 half marathon races in a year.
  • My favourite animals are my 2 energetic and friendly cocker spaniels, Belle and Buster and a cat, Willow who is the oldest and therefore the boss!!
  • My favourite holiday destination is anywhere in UK or overseas!!  Love travelling, especially to somewhere new, taking in all the sights, culture, food and drink.  Fortunate enough to have travelled to some amazing places in the world with the RAF (and also some not amazing too!!).
  • is that I probably couldn’t pick any one particular moment however have been known to be quite ‘accident prone’ which can be embarrassing at times so a career in health and safety is both ironic and ideal!

Natasha Butler

Health and Safety Advisor/Trainer

Hi I am Natasha, I joined Cope Safety Management in May 2019 as an Employment Advisor. I started my career as a Retail Manager for Woolworth’s and worked for some big names in retail after that. I started my career in HR in 2012 when my son was born and have never looked back. I have worked within the food manufacturing sector within HR up until now and I am really excited that I get to work for Cope and can share my knowledge and expertise with you all. I enjoy training, so hopefully I will see you on a course soon!
  • My favourite car is a Bugatti Chiron
  • My favourite animal is a Rhinoceros (especially baby ones)
  • When I went to school I wanted to be a Lawyer (I watched LA Law a lot as a child)
  • My favourite holiday destination anywhere as long I am with my family.

Employment Advisor/Trainer

Health and Safety Advisor/Trainer

Hi I’m Angela. I joined Cope Safety Management in 2020 as an Employment Advisor. My career in HR (or Personnel as it was called then!) started over 40 years ago in food manufacturing for Frank Idiens & Sons Ltd (part of The Distillers Company Limited) who manufactured frozen fruit and vegetables, and ice-cream. After 13 wonderful years – spending as much time as possible in the ice-cream building – I then went to work for Hillsdown Holdings plc (which became Premier Foods plc) as an HR Officer in a generalist role covering management and staff for their Head Office and manufacturing sites for the next 19 years. That Company’s brand portfolio included many household names from tea to pickles and sauces to cakes. My food cupboards were rarely empty!
  • My favourite hobby hobby is looking after my horses and my Miniature Schnauzer “Bella” (or “Diva” would be more appropriate). In my spare time I look after my husband who is a retired Engineer and so needs more looking after than most.
  • My favourite animal is a horse…I was lucky enough to have my first pony when I was 8 years old.
  • When I went to school I wanted to be a groom at Newmarket – you can see where this is going!
  • My favourite car is a Range Rover – not just because it can pull a horsebox.

Martin Clark

Health and Safety Advisor/Trainer

Hi I am Martin, I joined Cope Safety Management in October 2019. My background is primarily in the oil and gas industry as a Safety Manager –particularly working in high risk operations overseas. However I have also worked across a broad spectrum of UK industry including manufacturing, aviation, logistics and education. I am a problem solver by nature and an engineer by persuasion and get satisfaction from seeing a task completed.
  • My favourite car is as a true petrol head almost impossible to say, but probably ether an E type Jag or a Maserati 250F- but I do like the bosses GT6.
  • My favourite animal is the Dolphin. Amazing creatures that I have been lucky enough to swim with on several occasions.
  • When I went to school I wanted to be an astronaut of course, sadly I am never going to be able to go to space but I have at least worked with someone who became a cosmonaut !
  • My favourite holiday destination  I haven’t found it yet  but it defiantly involves a beach and a blue sky.
  • My favourite hobby is  I have many hobbies but in particular I enjoy anything with a wheel at each end,  motorcycles and bicycles  although there is something fundamentally wrong about a man my age wearing lycra ……

Stephanie Hemmings

Health and Safety Advisor/Trainer

Hi, I’m Steph, I joined the Cope team in September 2018, with a background of health and safety in food manufacturing and production, and in fire safety. Having worked in a variety of fields, including schools and youth services, retail and warehousing, management and manufacturing, I have experienced implementation of health and safety and workplace procedures in a range of settings. I have a passion for knowledge and am always keen to learn or see something new that I can share with others. I am thoroughly enjoying a job that takes me all around (and outside of) Lincolnshire to so many different and varying places and environments.
  • For a hobby I enjoy rollerblading around the town with my boys and counting who falls over the most, I’m glad to say that I have yet to top the count on that one!
  • My favourite car is our old, banged up 7-seater Ford Galaxy (because 5 seats just aren’t enough with my 3 kids – often due to the fact that Peppa Pig needs her own seat), as when we all pile in there it means we’re off on an adventure, be it just for a day out at Warwick Castle or 2 weeks away on a family holiday.
  • My favourite animal is a unicorn, but this may be due to over-exposure as my little girl has decided she wants to be a vet so she can look after them (I don’t have the heart to tell her) and there seems to be a unicorn plush toy, sticker or game character everywhere I look these days.
  • My favourite holiday destination has to be the Orkney Islands at Christmas. Even though getting there means 2 days in the car travelling with my husband and kids, keeping our fingers crossed the ferry is running when we get there, there is nothing better than waking up to heavy snowfall across the open fields on Christmas morning and staying up late hoping to see the Northern Lights. It also gives us the opportunity to watch my brother-in-law and nephew compete in the Kirkwall Ba’ (Google it, there’s no sensible way to explain it!) and be treated to a Scottish New Year celebration.

Becky Gosling


Hi I’m Becky, I joined Cope Safety Management in 2015 as part of the administration team.  Alongside administration, I have many years’ experience in customer service and am happy to help with any queries you may have.
  • My favourite car is a beat up Peugeot I had as my first car. I cannot tell one car from the next, but this one holds very fond memories for me!  We got into many bumps and scrapes together over the years – the number plate now sits proudly on display at home.
  • My most embarrassing moment was when I pulled out of a tight parking space and reversed into my partners car. My partner was sat beside me at the time – oops!
  • My favourite animal is a dog, I grew up with Great Danes. My partner does not like dogs so we compromised and got a very curious cat named Lucretia.  I plan on wearing him down so we can have a dog, but sshhhh he doesn’t know my master plan.

Janet Bradley


Hi I‘m Janet, I have been with Cope Safety Management since 2014 as part of the administration team.  I have quite a number of years’ experience in customer service related roles which have provided me with the skills required for this varied and sometimes challenging role (the actual number of years is not for broadcast).
  • For a hobby I enjoy When not at work I am an avid reader, three books a week is not unusual.  My favourites are detective and psychological thrillers which has caused some consternation amongst my colleagues when I impart my knowledge of ‘ how to get away with murder’.
  • My favourite holiday destination is the Far East. I have travelled quite extensively.  Goa holds good memories as I lived there for a while.  Work was our own bar on the beach, no hardship there! Sri Lanka is also particularly special, as it is where we married and honeymooned.

Julie Grundy


Hi I’m Julie, I joined Cope Safety Management in February 2019 as part of the administration team.  Excellent customer service is important to me and I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working in different positions over a number of years.  When not at work I love spending time with my family and friends.
  • My favourite holiday destination is I love to travel, both in the UK and abroad and wish to one day return to beautiful Sorrento.
  • For a hobby I enjoy watching rugby and Formula 1. I also enjoy catching up with the latest movies and have an extreme weakness for chocolate but it has to be Cadburys!
  • When at school I wanted to be the next Debbie Harry, but fortunately spared the ears of everyone and stuck to listening to music and not singing!

Vicki Gray


Hi, I’m Vicki, I joined Cope Safety Management in February 2019 as part of the administration team.  Out of work I love spending time with my family, especially my 3 grandchildren and close friends.  Like most people I enjoy going out for meals.  I‘m not too keen on really spicy dishes, a curry for me is a Korma.  I enjoy going to the gym, trying to keep the old muscles in decent order.
  • My favourite animal is a gerbil. I haven’t a pet, though I did look after my daughters classroom ‘pet’ gerbil over a summer school break, many years ago.  When the gerbil was returned to school, I was informed that it looked very well and had put on weight.
  • My favourite car is any that works.Over the years I have had quite a few makes of car, some good, some that needed tender care due to being the last owner.
  • My favourite holiday destination is the USA, especially when visiting Boston’s namesake in Massachusetts, it was very interesting when the locals asked where I was from and telling them ‘Boston’ (the original one!), they mostly say is that near London.