School Fire Safety

It is a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order that fire safety precautions are put in place to prevent fire and preserve life in venues and locations throughout the country; this includes schools.

Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment should be documented for the premises, outlining the hazards present and controls already in place to prevent fire and to mitigate the risks in the event a fire does occur.

Fire Prevention

Steps should be taken to prevent a fire occurring. It is essential to clearly communicate to all workers that fire safety is everyone’s responsibility; this should be included in basic safety training and in fire safety awareness training at all levels, regardless of other specific safety responsibilities assigned to groups or individuals.

Fire Mitigation and Fighting

Despite everyone’s best efforts, fires can and do occur. To make sure the consequences of a fire are minimised, fire protection measures should be in place.


In the event of a fire, all persons on site should be able to make a swift escape to a place of relative safety. To aid this, escape routes should be signed and fire action notices located around site, clearly outlining action to take in an emergency and the location of the assembly point.

Training and Information

Fire safety training and information is an essential tool in preventing fires and in reducing loss in the event a fire does occur. All staff should be provided with fire safety information on commencement of employment, this should be refreshed regularly (through communication of information, training sessions and drills).

This is just a very brief summary of your school’s responsiblities around fire safety, for further information on fire safety, provision of training or support with your fire risk assessment, please contact your Cope advisor or contact the office on 01205 367098 or